Waylon: After All

4. Need ALittle Time
8. Speed of Love
9. The Satisfier




Brandon Jenkins: Under the Sun | Smith Ent. Label
1. Still No Word From You (Brandon Jenkins, Scott Hutchison)
2. Crazy Moon (Brandon Jenkins, Scott Hutchison)
3. Under the Sun (Brandon Jenkins, Scott Hutchison)





Dustin Pittsley Band: Palm Trees & Trailer Parks
1. That’s Why I Gotta Love You (Scott Hutchison, Pride Hutchison, Steve Pryor & Rod Jackson)
2. Coming Home To You (Dustin Pittsley Scott Hutchison)





US/32: Tumblin’ Home | Anthony Avenue Records

Produced by Denny Weston Jr.John Suchy & Michael Francis Kline
1. Chasin’ the Sun(Scott Hutchison, Michael Francis Kline)




Jared Tyler: Here With You
Produced by Jared Tyler and Chuck Zwicky
1. Fire Moutain Red
2. Pain Of the world
3. It’s Time
4. Be Here Now
5. Greater Good (All Above Scott Hutchison/Jared Tyler)



Brandon Jenkins: Brothers of the Dirt | Red Dirt Music/E1
1. All in All
2. We Could Go to Paris (Jenkins/Hutchison)




Big House: Never Ending Train | Indie
1.The Highway is My Home
2. She’s Got the Magic
3. Guitars&Whiskey
4. Never Ending Train
7. So Far Away From Now (Byrom/Hutchison/Neuhauser)



Scott Ellison: Ice Storm | Earwig Music Chicago
6. Keys to My Heart
7.Who will be the Fool (Ellison/Hutchison)





Brandon Jenkins: Faster than a Stone | Smith Entertainment
3.Big Mama’s Kitchen
4. Just Like Californa
9. Help me Jesus (Jenkins/Hutchison)






Jay Boy Adams: Shoebox
Rockin Heart/Smith label
3.Color You Gone
8. Bottle & The Bible
12. Water for My Horses ( Adams/Byrom/Neuhauser/Hutchison)



Scott Ellison: Keys to your Heart | Burnside Records
3.Keys to your Heart
4. Who will be the Fool
12. It’s Alright (Ellison/Hutchison)


Jesse Aycock :Life’s Ladder | Indie
9. Take me in your Arms (Aycock/Hutchison/McFarland)






Jared Tyler: Blue Alleluia | Walking Liberty Records NYC
Produced By RussTitelman
1.Questions (Hutchison/Tyler)
3. Hey Janay (Hutchison/Tyler/Garrett)
5. Stone is Stone (Hutchison/Tyler/Garrett)
6. Nomo (Hutchison/Tyler/Byrom)
7.Blue Alleluia (Hutchison/Tyler/Garrett)
8. Forever with you (Hutchison/Tyler)
9. One World Love (Hutchison/Tyler/Garrett)


T.J. McFarland: Rosenbum’s Gin | Explosive Records
Bullhorns on a Cadillac
They (Hutchison/McFarland)






Brandon Jenkins: Down in Flames | Western Soul Records
Out of Control
Gypsy Angel (Jenkins/Hutchison)





Dick Simms: Within Arms Reach | Explosive Records
Man on the Run (Hutchison/Simms)
Don”t Go Away (Hutchison/Simms/Hutchison)





Che’ Zuro Cd Orphans | Compilation
There you Go (Hutchison/Zuro)







Brandon Jenkins: Unmended | Bone-Tone records
2. In My Heart
3. Austin
7. Texas Moon
10. Good Talkin To (Jenkins/Hutchison)



Che’ Zuro & Tisa Adamson: Soak
Live at North Hollywood
6.There you Go (Hutchison/Zuro)



Danny Baker Band: The Blues are Dangerous | Bison Records
1. Wrong side of Town
2. Heaven’s Just a Step away (Baker/Hutchison)
3. The Blues are Dangerous (Baker/Hutchison/Oldaker)
6. After Hours
7. Devil without a D (Baker/Hutchison)
8. Flame in your Heart (Baker/Hutchison/Blackwell)
9. She’s Long Gone (Baker/Hutchison)


Danny Baker Band: Whirlwind | Bison records
2. The Rain Keeps On (Baker/Hutchison/Triplehorn)



Big House: Woodstock Nation | Dead Reckoning Label
1. Geronimo’s Moon
3. River Town
6. Lonely Shade of Blue (Byrom/Hutchison/Neuhauser)




Brandon Jenkins: Live at the Blue Door | Remoreless Records
1. Gideon’s Bible
10. All for Love
12. You’re Gonna leave Me Someday (Jenkins/Hutchison)





Rasta Farmers: Reggae Harvest | Indie
2. Don”t let Go
3.Lady Chalice
4.Tic Toc
5.Crystal Change
6.Great Sprit
7.Roots (Revisited) (Hutchisom/Neal/Tunkara) all songs



Big House: Travelin’ Kind | MCA
2. Faith (Byrom/Hutchison)
6. Second Hand Love (Byrom/Hutchison/Lewis/Neuhauser)

Faith: Single (Byrom/Hutchison) MCA




Black Dog: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack | MCA
3.Road Man (Byrom/Hutchison/Kaffinetti/Walker)





Brandon Jenkins: The Ghost of Jesse James
8.An Outlaw’sDream (Jenkins/Hutchison)
9.You’re Gonna leave Me Someday (Jenkins/Hutchison)






Big House: Big House | MCA Records
3.Amarillo (Byrom/Hutchison/Satterfield)
4. .Love Ain’t Easy (Byrom/Hutchison/Hutchison/Neuhauser)
6. Sunday in Memphis (Byrom/Hutchison/Neuhauser)
7.Blue Train (Byrom/Hutchison/Neuhauser)
10. Whose Baby Will you be Tonight (Byrom/Hutchison/Neuhauser)
11. Road Man (Byrom/Hutchison/Kaffinetti/Walker)

Love Ain’t Easy: Single | MCA


Pete Anderson: Dogs In Heaven | Little Dog Records
5.Henry Fate (Anderson/Hutchison)






Pete Anderson: Live at Ohio State | Little Dog Records
Where the Crows Go (Anderson/Hutchison)



Chasers: Original Motion Picture Soudtrack | Morgan Creek
Atlas Blues (Hutchison/Pryor)






Pete Anderson: Working Class | Little Dog Records
Where the Crows Go (Anderson/Hutchison)






Andrew Strong: Europe (Commitments)


Pete Anderson: Collection of Projects | Warner Brothers
7. Highway of Love (Hutchison/Pryor)



The Steve Pryor Band | Zoo/BMG Label
1.Starin’ a Hole in My Floor
2. Moving me (Way to Fast)
3.Atlas Blues
4.Did you see that Girl
5.After the Locust
6.Spellbound(over you)
7.Highway of Love
8.Tearin’ Down the Walls
9. Sweet Marie
10. Last Breath (Hutchison/Pryor)

Spellbound (Over you): Single | Zoo/BMG Label
Moving Me (Way Too Fast): Single | Zoo/BMG Label

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